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Result - Royal Household

Sun Sep 8th Grannies win handsomely

Match report

A job to know who contributed the most to this triumph.
The bowlers started it. Queenslander, Dan Maroske, the rich man's Mitchell Starc, terrorised the openers down hill and wind, while James Tod offered the batsmen nothing but immaculate line and length. Both went wicketless, but they softened the Household up, so that the 'change' bowlers, Billy Maisey (7-2-13-3) and Jono Garforth (7-2-16-4) ran riot; and the fifth bowler, Toby Pullan (1.4-1-5-2) tidied things up at the end.
None of these figures would have been achieved without outstanding fielding, Joe Huxley and James Tod stealing the show with their catching and arrow straight long throwing, and Joe Brennan keeping with high style and competence - and agility, particularly when Maroske's thunderbolts failed to bounce and nearly did for him.
All of this left the Household 73 all out in 26.4 overs.
The Grannies reply started as if no-one wanted the famed Household tea, then still some way off.
Ben Pullan hit 3 crunching fours off the first 4 balls of the innings but was gone without adding any more. Joe Huxley hit a classy 30 off 21 balls to the vocal delight of his uncle - 'that's my nephew who hit that'. Joe Brennan looked very good for his 16 off 15. Dick Saunders hit 2 ripe fours through extra cover, and the younger Pullan, Toby, mopped up on the batting front as he had on the bowling, seeing the Grannies to a win by 6 wickets off only 12.1 overs.
So, who to credit with this victory?
True it is the players named excelled, and the Household's side was not one of its strongest.
However, to the convenor of this topnotch side, the temporarily indisposed match manager - and your scribbler - (that's all the same person...) - the man who did most to make this a day to remember was the stand-in skipper, Stanners. Somehow he contrived to give the bowlers in the side a bowl (with the notable exception of himself), and those who had not bowled, or not much, a bat, with the result that everyone left reckoning they had played a part in a rare thrashing of this opposition.

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