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Result - Castle Hill

Sun May 19th Grannies win with one ball to spare

Match report

Castle Hill won the toss yet again, but with some gentle persuasion, they batted first, unlike in previous years.
Harry Yates and Tom Bell started things off and a pattern seemed to set in with all the bowlers, where they would bowl a number of balls down the leg side, the odd no ball (12), a wide (21) and in between all of these where some excellent deliveries of which resulted in wickets.
The fielders generally, but not always, backed up the bowlers, with Ed GH taking his usual one hand catch diving to his right and Mark de St Croix celebrating a catch only to find it was a no ball.
As overs ticked by Castle Hill upped the scoring rate and finished on 202 for 8 from 42 overs with extras being the second top scorer on 35 and credit to Paddy Moser behind the wicket for keeping this lower than it could have been.
The wickets were shared amongst the bowlers:
Harry Yates: 9 overs, 2 for 28
Tom Bell: 5 overs, 1 for 8
Jonny Morris: 9 overs, 2 for 29
Jon Cristie: 6 overs, 2 for 39
Charles Bailey: 7 overs, 0 for 51
Toby Gundry: 7 overs, 1 for 45

Mark and Charles started the Grannies innings off and kept things ticking over, Mark falling for 8 hitting out.
Charles and Jonny put the Grannies in total command of the game with some great shots and a bit of luck.
Charles ending up with 56, being caught on the boundary. Ed joined Jonny and things continued in the same vain.
But Jonny decided, much to his annoyance, to also give some boundary catching practice and was out for 52.
No matter, Ed was still there and the Grannies only needed 58 from 14 overs, just over 4 an over.
Sadly, Ed continued the theme and as he did last year, picked out the man on the square leg boundary for 10.
Thus the scoring rate slowed and some panic set in, wickets fell and the Grannies were making it difficult for themselves as pressure mounted.
It resulted in the captain, having to unnecessarily pad up at number 11, but no matter Toby came to the rescue.
With the rate climbing and any result possible, he hit 16, 2 sixes and a four, from the 17 over off their captain, who was not particularly happy.
So we were down to less than a run a ball, which is what we got from the next over, but lost a wicket trying to score more in the process, now 195 for 8.
A tight 19th over followed, with only 3 from it and a near run out adding to the tension and excitement. So down to the last over needing 5 to win.
The captain praying a wicket did not fall, to avoid being in that difficult position of does he or doesn't he go for it and possibly end up losing the game, which he did not wish to do.
Toby facing, three dot balls were bowled, the tension grew even more, then a straight 4 and the scores were level, 2 balls to go.
With the fields now in saving 1, Toby went aerial and hit a 6 over extra cover, probably the best shot of the game, but obviously a winning one, to a great cheer and handshakes all round.
As their captain said, 'Cricket was the winner' and no doubt the reason we all play it.
So 208 scored off 35.5 overs for 8 wickets, a win by 2 wickets with a ball to spare !!!!!
Toby finishing on 38 not out (3 sixes, 4 fours) and talking of retirement.
Many thanks to all who agreed to play in a very enjoyable and winning game.
Enjoy the rest of the season.

Match info

Friendly Sunday cricket on what will likely be a slow track

Also playing:
Paddy Moser
Charles Bailey
Jon Cristie

Castle Hill,
TN12 7BN

How to get there
Opposite The Castle pub, on the road from Brenchley to Marden
Near Tunbridge Wells