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Result - Golf at Goodwood

Fri May 10th Creff wins Rocking Chair with 35 points

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Match report

Golf at Goodwood always seems to bring surprises and prizes.

The day started badly with the A27 dual carriageway being closed for four of us coming from the east and the Hindhead Tunnel was closed with a pair of London Grannies stuck inside. As Creff managed to avoid both jams and somehow arrived early, a hard time was inevitably given to those who arrived 45 minutes late. His gander was clearly up and you will see why later.

Anyway, the sun was shining, the wind had switched off, buggies were mounted by the more decrepit and play resumed on a glorious spring day. We returned after 5 hours for a late lunch in the outside marquee, where the usual banter recalled the day's golf in exaggerated tones and expletives, by those who could remember.

The end result was that everyone got a prize and he who had his gander up somehow arranged to snaffle the Rocking Chair for the best round by one shot, viz :

Highest Score with 35 points - the Rocking Chair for pride of place preferably on Caroline's dressing table - Nigel Creffield
Team Prize - Balls - Bob Percival, Jim Streeter, Charlie Warner & Nigel Draffan
Lowest Score - Knee Support - Andrew Don
Most Outrageous Shot - Bag of mealworms - Mike Fernie
Best Dressed Golfer - 2 Goodwood Race Tickets - Anne King
Longest Drive - A ‘The Simpsons’ Driver cover - Jonathan Staniforth
Nearest The Pin - Golf Card Game - Jim Streeter
Most Lost Balls (5)- Golf Ball Alignment Tool- Tony King
For Leaving Early - Pair of Golf Gloves - Tim Begg
Greatest Number of Shots for a Hole (9) - Blue Passport Cover - Gerald Slocock.

The highlight at the end of lunch was to surprise our Chairman, by presenting him with a Mrs. Draff chocolate cake in the shape of a cricket bat to celebrate his 70th birthday (see picture).

As cricket becomes increasingly difficult for the non benders, the day was all a bit of good Granny laughter and fun.

Match info

The Downs Course,
Goodwood Estate,
PO18 0PX