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Result - Golf at Goodwood

Fri May 11th Stanners wins Rocking Chair with 35 points!


(c) - candidate

Match report

A team of 12 veteran Grannies ( Streeter excepted ) and 3 buggies took on the challenging Downland course at Goodwood on a bright, breezy and slightly chilly day .
We split ourselves up into 3x 4 ball teams comprising :

The A Team
Jonathan Staniforth
Andrew Don
Nigel Creffield
Gerald Slocock

The B Team
Nigel Draffan
Mike Fernie
Jim Streeter
Charlie Warner

The C Team
Bob Percival
Tim Begg
Tony King
Tim Hamilton

After 5 hours and a bit of chivvying from the course ranger we returned to the Kennels clubhouse to regale past memories and what might have been in our own, splendid lunch room.
Half way through Draff brought us to our senses to announce the winners of an assortment of prizes as follows :
Nearest the pin – 3 orange balls went to Tim Begg ( the winner of last year’s Rocking Chair )
Longest Drive – 3 white Pro V1 balls went to Tim Hamilton ( closely followed by Mike Fernie, not normally known for hitting the ball off the square !)
Best Team – mini bottles of sloe gin went to Team B with a total of 105 points.
Most outrageous shot – a much needed ball alignment gizmo went to Tony King for hitting a fairway bell.
The booby prize - 3 pink balls went to Andrew Don for his air shot ( not counted , of course )
The best individual prize – the much coveted Rocking Chair and a golf story book signed by the author went to Jonathan Staniforth for the second time in 3 years with a score of 35, closely followed by Warner with 31 and Hamilton with 30 points.

To sum up ....“ We are so lucky at the fun we have had. We can take the day off to do it; we can enjoy the moments of glory, the making tits of ourselves. We can be with friends. Real friends, who don’t give a toss how crap we might be. Above all, we’re alive, and we’re fit enough to enjoy it all. We have just got to go on doing it for ever, because you never know, do you ? “

Match info

Goodwood, W Sussex