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Result - Royal Household

Sun Sep 13th Grannies won by 4 wickets

Match report

For once it all worked and the Grannies carried the day. The toss was won and the opposition inserted, giving our bowlers the use of the prescribed 'one new ball for the match'. Tom Gibbs stormed in and had 4 before you could say 'birthday honours'. He then stormed off, when relieved - only to return later to prove a point and take his fifth! Messrs Staniforth, Garforth, Fry and Walford bowled handily, picking up 1-fers and 2-fers, but the star turn was James Tod, who beat the bat with regularity and then swallowed 4 catches in the deep with consummate ease (he missed a couple of half-chances in the shallow - ? - but hey!). Notwithstanding this all-round exhilarating performance in the field, the opposition score somehow mounted to 180 all out, and the 'game was on', as Prince Harry remarked, as he passed by. That we got the runs (with 6 down) owed everything to a cultured, measured and often very hard-hitting 82 from Dom Fry opening, and useful contributions in the twenties and teens from Messrs Brennan (L), Llewelyn, Morris, Scott and finally, with two huge sixes to polish them off, Tod.Thus it was that the hammering of the previous year was nobly and handsomely avenged. As ever huge thanks to our hosts for their hospitality, including at tea, a sponsored hog roast, not least for the fact that it may have done for the their opening your scribe of course foresaw at toss-time.

Match info

Windsor Castle