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Result - Armadillos

Sat Jun 21st Grannies lose by 223 runs

Match report

Smarting from last year's loss the Armadillos came at the Grannies with their A+ line up at Sheffield Park yesterday. Having negotiated a 40 over format the Dills won the toss and opened the batting against a very quick Rob Noble. Almost too quick as the openers either jumped out of the way or streaky edges flew to the boundary on a very quick outfield. From the other end Pari Job settled into his usual deceptive medium pace but the openers soon worked this out and proceeded to pile on runs at 8 to 10 an over. In the end Pari broke the deadlock as both openers were despatched only to be replaced by a very competent 3 and 4 who continued the run rate.

Harry Yeates and James Brewin came on as first and second change but even their wily medium pace couldn't slow the onslaught. Will (I usually keep but can turn my arm over) Devitt came on and slowed the run rate with some very tight medium pace but with the number 4 falling on 92 with only three overs remaining Rob Noble took a quick flurry of wickets at the death for the Dills to finish on 284 for 6 for their 40 overs.

Chasing seven an over the Grannies pushed hard to keep up. Josh Levine was knocking it around aggressively before a great catch at mid-on saw him back in the hutch. Following on the effort of trying to score against a very effective fast medium attack meant a rapid flurry of wickets and the Grannies retired to the Griffin on 61 for an early bath/tea/drink.

Sheffield Park was in great condition and the Dills their usual hospitable selves although happy to see the normal order restored after last year.

Match info

Sheffield Park,
Forest Row,
TN22 3QX